2019 Late Summer Depreciation Update and New Charts Now Available

By Jeremy Hepler (UsedFirst.com Founder) on Sunday September 15th, 2019
By Jeremy Hepler (UsedFirst.com Founder)
on Sunday September 15th, 2019
We've done a full refresh of our data and even added a few new sources. We now have a total of 209 models with depreciation curves, including 3 new ones!

Jeep has re-taken the top spot from Subaru in our rankings of popular brands. And their recently redesigned Jeep Wrangler continues to shine as a very low depreciating vehicle.

As for luxury vehicles, Lexus remains at the top of the pack. Tesla rose a few spots thanks to the Model S, which has shown strong residual value retention so far.

Our overall rankings are based on retained value at the 5 year mark. Click here for a complete list of the rankings.

Thanks to user contact form suggestions, we've added 3 new models during this update:

Porsche Macan

Mercedes-Benz CLA Class

BMW 4 Series

Major Upgrades to Data Sources

We bolstered our already expansive pricing and sales data by leveraging the MarketCheck.com Automotive API. They collect and analyze data from over 40,000 car dealers. Their API is by far the fastest and most robust that we have worked with so far.

We also added more sources to our expected maintenance costs including some data from the CarMD.com API. They record and analyze data as reported through their hand held vehicle diagnostics tools. They also release an annual Vehicle Health Index Study, which is fascinating to those interested in these metrics.

Another great resource for repair and maintenance costs is YourMechanic.com. They provide you with year, make and model level repair estimates backed by local repair shops that participate in their program.

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